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the situation at l.a.x. the gunman seemed to be specifically targeting tsa arguments. they say he pulled an ar15 assault rifle from his carry on bag and police say they later found anti government writings in that bag. new developments tonight about what happened inside terminal three in ktvu's jana katsuyama. >> reporter: l.a.x. is the nation'd third busiest airport. and police say censia just walked in and started shooting. one passenger caught the chaos on their cell phone. one moment it's calm. then suddenly. >> on the floor, on the floor now. on the floor. >> reporter: passengers ran and scramblinged to get away from the gunman in l.a.x.'s terminal three. >> go, go, go. >> reporter: people were running, being knocked down and there was luggage everywhere and mayhem. >> reporter: l.a.x. pd say the gunman walked into the terminal and pulled a semi automatic rifle out of his bag. >> he proceeded up into the screening area where tsa screeners are. and continued shooting. >> reporter: victims were rushed into ambulances, officials say at least two tsa agents were hit. one of them died from gunsh
on the investigation into the deadly shooting of a tsa agent and the impact still being felt at bay area airports. >> some passengers are making alternate travel plans because of that shooting investigation. we will have the latest on flight delays and canceled flights coming up . and a new warning from berkeley police. the latest armed robbery that has students on alert. it's all head on mornings on two. >> compete bay yarr news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> and good morning. it's saturday, november 2nd. >> good morning. the weekend is here and so too is rosemary. let's get a quick look at forecast. >> good morning. we are going to be transitioning to a cooler, breezier pattern for your weekend. this morning waking up with patchy fog. it's really thick along parts of the coastline. it's a chilly temperature slipping back in to the 40s for most of us. by the afternoon a drop coming for the afternoon highs. we will be a lot cooler and winds will start to increase. we have a wind advisory late tonight into early tomorrow morning for some areas. i will show you which
with an assault rifle opens fire killing a tsa agent and wounding three others. a possible motive behind the deadly attack. we spoke to travelers in san francisco who were on the tarmac watching crowds run. >>> it's a drug more dangerous than heroin. in tonight's special report, ktvu investigatings. >>> terror in the terminal. panic and chaos erupted inside lax as people ran from the airport after a gunman opened fire. we're getting new information about the deadly shooting that happened this morning inside that busy california airport. good evening, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. we received an update from the airport, the police and the mayor of los angeles. >> we have team coverage for you tonight. david stevenson is live at sfo with the impact from today's shooting here at home. let's begin with julie haener. >> she's in the news room and has been monitoring the situation in los angeles. >> reporter: right now parts of lax are starting to reopen. that was announced in a news conference about 45 minutes ago. we also know the one person who was killed in today's atta
. >>> and developing news out of los angeles, where a tsa agent is confirmed dead after a shooting. >>> one scrurk worker is dead and another injured, the charges the driver who hit them faces. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> good afternoon, i am tori campbell a-fire inside the caldecott tunnel caused quite a traffic jam this morning. this the scene right now from news chopper 2 above the traffic heading eastbound, which is slowly trying to recover. ktvu's paul chambers just spoke to him about the fire and the challenges they face. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori, as you said a total differenty scene now than half an hour ago, take a look, cars inching through, half an hour ago it was abandoned because they were getting it back, the reason it is moving slowly is because in bore one there is a downed power line so they only have one lane running. take a look at video, you can see the scene earlier today before 10:00. you can see people walking out of the tunnel. you can see there is also smoke coming out of there because
have new information on the shooting at lax friday that left a tsa agent dead. the 23-year-old gunman told authorities as he was arrested he acted alone and was dropped off by a friend. paul ciancia is still sedated in the hospital after being shot multiple times by police. investigators are getting a better idea of what happened inside terminal 3 from when paul ciancia opened fire till the time he was shot. >> reporter: investigators are still peacing together -- piecing together their time line. he entered at 9:20 a.m. in the morning at terminal 3. he approached the tsa officer and shot him. >> the defendant is alleged to have been walking away from the tsa officer, going up an escalator and then coming back down to return and shoot the wounded officer again. >> reporter: at the top is the security check point. he abandoned two tsa officers and one passenger -- he wounded two tsa officers and one passenger. he made his way into therminal 3 -- therminal 3. -- terminal 3. >> people were running, getting knocked down. there was luggage every. >> reporter: you can see his -- everywhere.
was looking for tsa employees. >> the shooter calmly walking down the corridor had his gun and looked at me and said tsa and i shook my head and he kept going. the fbi said law enforcement shot and wounded the gunman. a note on the suspect made his intend to harm the tsa clear. he addressed them in the letter and stated he wanted to "instill fear into their traitorous minds." >> law enforcement said ciancia originally from new jersey sent text messages to family saying he was unhappy and discouraged living in los angeles. >> it was to his little brother and they had concern about it. >> police say ciancia had no history of violence or record of mental illness. >> gerardo hernandez was with the tsa for eight years. he was devoted to his family and ready to help anyone in need. he came to southern california at the age of 18 and graduated from los angeles high school. he is survived by a wife, a son and daughter. >> people in the gunman's hometown are stunned by his arrest. >> i am trying to process it. >> police have been surrounding ciancia's family home. the suspected shooter lived at the
information on him that expresseddager at the federal government and specifically at the tsa. the mayor of los angeles hailed the work of airport police officers in stopping him. >> they were more than 100 more rounds that could have killed everybody in that terminal today if it were not for the action. >> reporter: this is a picture of the suspected gunman. officials in new jersey say ciancia had made references to suicide in text messages to his family members there. we have video to share with you. it comes from inside lax. you see panicked passengers running away from the scene of the shooting in terminal three. a police officer tells them to move along. operations at lax ground to a halt outside, people started walking down the airport surrounding streets, dragging rolling suitcases behind them. paul ciancia pulled a rifle out of a bag and opened fire at a tsa check point, killing an agent and wounding others. he went thereupon the check point. that's when a police officer opened fire, hitting and wounding ciancia who was taken into custody. witnesses describe a chaotic scene. >> people w
and heavily sedated in the hospital after being shot four times by police. the tsa is telling us new information about how many guns are brought into airports just one week before that deadly shooting president guns were -- 39 guns were seized at airport check points. of those guns 32 were loaded. besides the guns the tsa has intercepted knives, stun guns, and grenades from being taken on to planes. >> i certainly hope it wasn't anything with malicious intent. it was just a mistake and a one off kind of situation. >> tsa says most people say they forgot they had the weapon in their carry on bags. others try to disguise them as ordinary objects trying to sneak them through. >>> the u.s. senate takes a test vote on legislation that would prohibit employers from discriminating against workers on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. harry reid says he expects to get the necessary votes to move ahead on the legislation. current federal law prohibits discrimination. but it does not stop an employer from firing or refusing to hire workers because they are gay, lesbian, bisexu
scene. in that note, he indicated his malice and anger towards the tsa officers. they are checking whether a roommate unwittingly drove him to the airport. they describe ciancia as a loan are and in hopes of piecing together the sequence of events. the wife of the victim said he took great pride in his job. >> he enjoyed his interaction with the passengers at lax. >> he was born in he will salvador and would have turned 40. the couple was married on valentine's day 1988. two others were wounded while two other people were injured running from the scene. >>> this weekend, the 100-foot pylons are lit up in blue to honor hernandez, the first officer to be killed in the 12 year history. >> they are also wearing black bands over his badges in his memory. >> the transportation security administration will review his policy in the wake of the shootings. the head of the tsa said agents are the first line of defense and said he will do everything possible to make sure something like this does not happen again. he did not say whether or not he wants agents to start carrying weapons. >> they
apartment 45 minutes after he left for the airport. police say ciancia killed one tsa screener and wounded two others and a passenger. some are calling for better security at tsa checkpoints. >> part of that investigation will be a review of the security measures that were in place not only at l.a.x. but i think a review of the security arrangements that exist in other airports as well. >> police officers shot ciancia four times. he's heavily sedated following surgery for his wounds and is currently under 24-hour guard. >>> a new study from uc berkeley raises concerns about the outsourcing of airport workers. according to the study, the share of airport workers outsourced to contractors grew from 19% in 2001 to 26% by 2011. during the same period, airport workers saw their hourly wages fall by an average of 15%. the study says the airport workers declining pay affects airport efficiency, safety and security. the study was financed by the service employees international union. >>> stricter gun control laws may be coming to sunnyvale if voters approve a measure tomorrow. janine de la vega te
paul ciancia walk into terminal 3 at l.a.x. and unload that semiautomatic weapon, killing that tsa agent and injuring three others. we do know that paul ciancia is still in the hospital in critical condition. he's under 4-hour guard. ewas -- 24-hour guard. he was shot four times, including in the mouth. he's unresponsive. one of the things agents are looking at, the better letter that was -- the better found inside the duffel bag. in the note, he apparently described how he had this hatred for tsa agents and how he wanted to kill them. additionally, investigators are talking to ciancia's family. he's from new jersey. he moved here to southern california about a year and a half ago. apparently, had texted his father moments before he got in the car to l.a.x., talked about how he was unhappy and something that he told his father made his father call the chief of police in pensville, township, new jersey who then called police in l.a., the l.a.p.d. and by the time officers arrived to ciancia's house here in southern california, he had already gotten into a car on his way to l.a.x. the
. of those guns 32 were loaded. besides guns the tsa has intercepted knives, stun guns, and grenades preventing them from being taken on the planes. >> i certainly hope it wasn't anything with malicious intent. it was just a mistake and a one off kind of situation. >> most people are saying they forgot they had the weapon in their carry on baggage while others tried to disguise them as ordinary objects trying to get them through. >>> today the family of a santa rosa teenager fatally shot by a sheriffs deputy is set to file a federal lawsuit against the county. controversial shooting happened two weeks ago in santa rosa. 13-year-old andy lopez was killed while carrying a toy gun. the civil rights lawsuit claims the sheriffs department encourages the use of deadly force even when there is no threat to public safety. the sheriffs office says in response this investigation is still in its early stages and calls the lawsuit premature. >>> there are new developments in the fight to stop one of the biggest evictions in san francisco history. the examiner reports the city has suspended a per
tsa agents. those who know him describe him as a drifter. his family says they received a text from him that was so alarming they called police to check on his mental state. before he carried a semi automatic rifle into the world thirdlargest airport -- a letter was found that was written before he carried a semi automatic rifle into the world third's largest airport. >> reporter: law enforcement officials saying he is being heavily sedated and under armed guard. he said he acted alone and had been dropped off at the airport by a friend. his motivation appeared centered around a grudge. >> we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. he addressed them at one point in the letter and stated he wanted to quote instill fear into their traderous minds. >>> a billion dollars is being spent here since 9/11. >> obviously this gives us great concern. >> reporter: despite shift changes for officers there's no way of telling whether friday's tragedy could have been averted. at l.a.x., dominique nilotali. >>> we also have this other story about airpor
are taxiing, taking off or landing. the group includes the tsa, airlines, amazon executives and more, they studied whether they interfere with navigational systems. >> 5:40, california education officials say they are surprised but a letter from the federal government that threatens to with hold more than 3.5 billion dollars, california is changing the type of testing it conducts and this is scheduled t be a transition year, the state doesn't want to force every student to take pot the english and math exams and doesn't plan to make public the results of the tests taken. well the federal government says other states harve found ways to make the changes and still comply with the testing laws. the new uc president janet napolitano announced she is setting aside 5 million dollars to support students who entered the u.s. illegally, now she made her first major address as the president of the uc in san francisco last night. some critics have objected to her new job, saying undocumented students will feel unsafe because of the large number of deportations carried out while she was homeland
. the tsa says a crew member found a threatening note in the bathroom. passengers were taken off the plane and rescreened. there was also a sweep of the aircraft but nothing was found. and tonight at 10:15. new rules for phone, tablets and lab tops while you fly. we've been checking in with airline about where you're going to see those changes. >>> a norovirus has sickened several students and all had the same thing. >> reporter: university officials are telling us that all of the students had the same symptoms. tonight we talked to two of the students that got sick. >> reporter: these two stanford freshman told us they started feeling the discomfort. >> my stomach felt kind of  queasy. i kind of went to the lounge and sitting there. they were going to the bathroom and just got really sick. >> i remember i ate lunch that day and i felt perfectly fine. after class that afternoon, i came back here and was sick the last eight hours. >> reporter: they said it was similar to food poisoning and there were several others that were also sick. >> we had six people go to the hospital. >> reporter:
it was diverted to phoenix. the tsa says a crew member found the note in the restroom. when the plane landed in phoenix, passengers were escorted off the jet and interviewed by police. a bomb squad swept the plane but found nothing. the 43 passengers boarded a new flight that landed in texas late last night. >>> we're learning about what cause add deadly 2011 plane crash in watsonville, the decision of the pilot to take off in foggy weather may have been a major factor in the crash. david huton and his family were killed when the plane crashed into medical offices shortly after takeoff. he had only earned his pilots license three months before the crash. >>> starting today, the bike path on the eastern span of the bay bridge will have some new hours. it will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30:00 p.m. since its historic opening in early september, bicyclists have been able to ride on the path from dawn to dusk. with daylight savings time coming sunday, bridge officials decided they're going to make the change. and the lights on the bay bridge will shine a little longer. starting tonight, the bay
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)